Hey. Did you know that Jesus is better – better than your deepest desires, better than your wildest dreams, better than you ever imagined Him to be?!

In this 12-weeks study through Mark, which is the fastest paced gospel and stacked full of miracles, we will come to know Jesus better – as miraculous healer, Son of God, the promised Messiah, our Savior.

But this study is also about getting better. About overcoming the obstacles to healing that might get in the way of our wholeness! As you get into God’s word regularly, you’ll see Him change you in ways you never even saw coming. You’ll slowly see yourself getting better, transformed little by little into Christ’s likeness.

The study includes an outline, discussion questions, and can be done individually or in a group.

Lesson 1: Jesus is Better

Why? Have you ever wondered what makes Jesus unique? Follow this 12 week podcast series of the gospel of Mark as we study the life of Jesus and what makes him better than anything.

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Lesson 2: Desperate enough to get better

I love the story of the paralytic in the beginning of Mark 2. It’s inspirational and a reminder that when you’re desperate enough, you’ll do anything to get healed.

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Lesson 3: Overcoming the obstacles to getting better Part 1

What stands in the way of you getting better? In this podcast we will discuss 6 obstacles to getting better from Mark 3-4.

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Lesson 3: Overcoming the obstacles to getting better Part 2

We’ll continue to focus on overcoming the obstacles to healing that might get in the way of our wholeness!

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Lesson 4: Better by the power of His touch

What if Christ could heal you by the power of His touch? In this episode you will be reminded of the power of Christ’s touch and how He can change your life.

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Lesson 5: Called to make the world better

Do you know your calling? Are you living out your God ordained purpose? In this episode, we will consider some principles about your God given calling.

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Lesson 6: Getting to the heart of the matter

Let’s move past the superficial and get to the heart of the matter. It’s how Jesus lived. Find out how in this podcast.

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Lesson 7: More Reasons Jesus is Better

Still wondering who Jesus is? He’s better than anything you can imagine. Here are more reasons why from Mark 9.

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Lesson 8: The cost of getting better

There is a cost to discipleship, to following Jesus, but it is more than worth it. Are you willing to pay the price for getting better?

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Lesson 9: Better by the power of His Word

God could change your life and circumstances with one word.
Check out this week’s podcast from Mark 11-12 and see how.

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Lesson 10: Now is the time to get better

Ever wonder when things will finally change in your life? Now is the time to get better. Find out why you don’t have to wait to get better anymore.

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Lesson 11: Better through suffering

God uses suffering for good. It’s not a cliché. It’s the truth.
This week’s podcast will help you unpack why God allows us to suffer.

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Lesson 12: Better forever

In this conclusion to the study of the gospel of Mark, we’ll focus on joy and how God turns the darkest circumstances into victory and joy.

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