Unshaken Series

Lesson 1: Faith when I don’t see the way | Genesis 12

Lesson 2: Faith when it’s easier to be cynical | Genesis 18, 21

Lesson 3: Faith when I’m stuck and can’t get out Genesis 39

Lesson 4: Faith when I feel Insecure Exodus 3

Lesson 5: Faith when I’m up against a Giant 1 Samuel 17

Lesson 6: Faith when I’m all Alone Job 23

Lesson 7: Faith when I’m at a Crossroad Joshua 2

Lesson 8: Faith when I’m too depressed to care

Lesson 9: Faith when I need a resurrection

Lesson 10: Faith when I feel like I’m not Enough

Lesson 11: Faith when I’m Too Disappointed to see it

Lesson 12: Faith when it’s my fault and I know it

Lesson 13: Faith when my dreams seem too big

Lesson 14: Daniel Faith when it’s easier to blend in

Lesson 15: Shadrach/meshach/abednego: Faith when the outcome is iffy at best

Lesson 16: Mary Faith when God’s will sounds kinda crazy

Lesson 17: Peter Faith when I feel like a failure

Lesson 18: Paul Faith when my prayers aren’t being answered



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