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I created this kit for you after writing my book "Resolved: 10 Ways to Stand Strong and Live what you Believe". The kit includes:


- My book Resolved

- 10 DVD lessons

- A roadmap 

There is also a discussion guide  that goes along with the DVD lessons. It's all yours free! My goal is to help you unpack 10 practical life-changing resolutions you must make to stand strong and unshaken no matter what you're facing in 2017! This year, resolve to stand strong no matter what. You can go through the study alone or with a group of friends!

Resolved Book Trailer

Lesson 1

Faith When It Looks Impossible

Lesson 2

Love When It's Inconvenient

Lesson 3

Obey When It's Not Possible

Lesson 4

Yield When It's My Right

Lesson 5

Speak When It's Easier Not To

Lesson 6

give even when it hurts

Lesson 7

Community when i’d rather be alone

Lesson 8

joy no matter what

Lesson 9

hope when you need it the most

Lesson 10

rest in the midst of chaos