“We are residents of the city of Izyum (a city situated on the Donets River in Kharkiv Oblast of eastern Ukraine). We lived, studied, worked in this city. But war has come to our country.

At first, it was just scary from everything that we saw on television and on social media. But the day came, or rather the night, when they began to bomb our small, cozy and beloved city. Until that day, we did not go to shelters, basements, but every day we prayed and hoped that they would not shoot in our city. But that night has come. We were in our apartment, I put the children to bed and prayed, but anxiety and a sense of fear began to appear, and for good reason. I prepared a place in the corridor, put chairs, took off the mirror, etc. And at 12:00 a plane flew over our house; I immediately woke up the children and we ran into the corridor. It was very scary, we prayed to God for help and protection. There was a very strong explosion, then the second and after it the room was filled with lime dust. The children were crying, we were in panic and horror, and the explosions continued.

My little son was trembling with fear and his teeth chattered just terribly. We sat shivering all night in the cold hallway. When it started to get light, things calmed down a bit. We went into the room, it turned out that the balcony door had been torn out by the wave from the explosion, the kitchen and bathroom had been damaged. We spent the next two nights and two days in the basement because we were bombed day and night. In our city there is no gas, water, electricity. Now almost our entire small town has been destroyed, houses, schools, a hospital, a bus station.

In multi-story buildings there were many victims of adults and children, wounded bloodied people lay on the street and screamed in pain. My mother did not want to leave the city, and every day I am afraid for her life. There is no way to buy food in the city, there is nothing in the city anymore!!! How to live further??? Living in such conditions is simply not possible, we had to leave the city.

Thank the Lord that there are people who, in such a difficult moment, lend a helping hand and support.”