“We have three children. We left Kyiv yesterday (March 5) as the situation in the city was becoming more dangerous. The children were in constant tension from the sounds of shots and explosions. Most shops are closed. There are few products left in the shops, there are huge queues everywhere. Pharmacies do not all work and it is also difficult to get there. We decided that the children and I would leave. The husband stayed in Kyiv.

We arrived at the train station and there were a lot of people, children, elderly people. People get on any train. We managed to take two seats on the train Kyiv to Lviv (where one of our partner churches have two refugee centers). People also rode standing or sitting on the floor. When a child is small, it is doubly difficult.

Arriving in Lviv, we spent two more hours on the street near the station, as there was nowhere to go to warm up, and the curfew had not yet ended. We were very cold and a little confused. Thank God we were received by brothers and sisters from our network of churches. They gave us beds in a warm room, fed us, offered everything we needed. We are very, very grateful that you are not indifferent and have the opportunity to give us shelter. Huge thanks to everyone who is taking part in helping us!”