We’ve created an online Facebook Community as a place to connect with other Christians who are looking to go deeper into God’s Word and draw closer to Jesus.

I will sometimes do Live teachings in this group and other times we’ll study pre-recorded studies together, all with the goal to grow stronger in our walk with the Lord.

I will post and be available live on Thursdays at 7pm CST, but you can access the group anytime.

Current Series: How To Make It Through A Crisis

Beginning with Thursday, March 19, at 7-8pm, CST, I’m starting a new Live teaching called How To Make It Through A Crisis. We will look into God’s Word to find answers for challenging seasons and here are some of the topics I’ll address:

  • Why does God allow a crisis to happen?
  • How do I manage my emotions in a crisis?
  • What is God’s plan to get me through this crisis?
  • How can I use this crisis for good?