Upside Down DVD Series

Lesson 1

Jesus Turns the World Upside Down

Lesson 2

When the Holy Spirit Comes

Lesson 3

The Name that Heals

Lesson 4

Bold beyond Belief

Lesson 5

Lies, choices and crossroads

Lesson 6

Chosen to serve

Lesson 7

God at work in and through his people

Lesson 8

A whole new life plan

Lesson 9

God’s Mysterious Ways

Lesson 10

The Upside Down Church

Lesson 11

Breakthrough Prayer

Lesson 12

The work of the Holy Spirit

Lesson 13

Overcoming Opposition

Lesson 14

Divine Appointment

Lesson 15

World Changers

Lesson 16

Changed by the Word

Lesson 17

Upside Down Perspective

Lesson 18

The power of your testimony

Lesson 19

Upside Down Opportunity

Lesson 20

Indestructible spirit

Lesson 21

Hope in the promise

Lesson 22

Upside Down Leadership

Lesson 23

Upside Down Ending