When You Feel Stuck in the Waiting


Have you ever felt like you're stuck in the same place forever?

In Ecclesiastes 3 God tells us that there is a season for everything.

Yet sometimes, no matter how hard I try to believe it, it feels as if I'm stuck in the same season forever, like the channel just isn't changing for me.

You too?

Well in Acts 1 the disciples found themselves in a similar place.

First they were told to go and make disciples.

Then in the same breath they were told to just sit back and wait.

And wait.

And wait.

The disciples had a choice at that point: they could either do what Jesus told them to do and wait. Or they could bail and do their own thing.

Fortunately, they waited. And eventually, their breakthrough did come.

And we learn from their example: it matters how you wait.

See, the disciples didn't just kill time in their waiting.

No. The disciples did something very specific when they found themselves in the place where nothing was happening:

They used their waiting.

They didn't waste their waiting. They redeemed it instead.

They didn't complain about their waiting. They prayed for breakthrough instead.

They didn't feel self-pity in their waiting. They encouraged each other instead.

They didn't doubt God in their waiting. They sought His face instead.

They didn't give up in their waiting. They remained faithfully expectant instead.

Sooner or later you will feel like you're stuck.

Like your seasons simply aren't changing.

And when that happens, don't forget to remember:

It matters how you wait.