I’m single. You’re married.

Or not.

Whether you’re single or married, it’s always interesting to compare notes and see how different single people really are from marrieds.

Or not.

Frankly, when ti comes to marrieds vs. singles, I find that we have a whole lot more in common than we might think, like these 4 struggles that marrieds and singles have in common:

#1 The Struggle for Purity

You might not have seen this coming but it’s true. While single people spend a whole lot of time fighting the temptation against lust and choosing purity, the truth is that even marrieds have to learn self-control. Even marrieds must learn that every impulse cannot be followed and that there is a great reward for those who remain committed to God’s word!

#2 The Struggle for Control

Who is in charge around here? If you’re single, you might think it’s obvious. We have no one to battle with most of the time, after all, or do we? The older I get the more feisty I find myself in this battle for control. When it comes to yielding my rights to myself, and sharing my stuff with others, this is a struggle that I believe is an equal opportunity struggle for marrieds and singles. It’s all about dying to self. It’s about surrender.

#3 The Struggle for Patience

We singles thought we had dibs on waiting. I’ve always thought I was the poster girl for waiting. But the more I talk with the marrieds, the more I have noticed that this struggle for patience attacks us all right in the areas we desperately want now. So whether you’re single or married, God’s way is in the waiting and patience is a gift of the Spirit that grows stronger with time! Just you wait and see.

#4 The Struggle for the Words

Oh boy, that’s the worst struggle of them all. It’s the struggle for kind words. It’s the struggle to tame the tongue: single or married, male or female, the sooner we yield our mouths to God and guard what comes out of our mouths the happier we will be. Or maybe I’m just preaching to myself here. Either way, it’s true.

Hey, what do you think are some ways marrieds and singles are alike? Share a comment. I’d love to hear from you!