I’m a little late in the Duggar game but you must have known this was coming.

I’ve already written about JD on this blog before here and was on blog hiatus when the Duggar vs. Ashley Madison scandal broke out. I’ve been busting at the seams to write about it, so here goes.

I’d like to give you 5 ways to avoid a Dugger sized sex scandal. If you don’t think you need this list all you need to do is to take a look at my growing list of Christian leaders now fallen and trust me, you’ll pay a little bit closer attention to my list:

#1 Live as Openly as Possible All the Time

Right now find someone you trust and tell them everything you’d rather no one ever finds out about you. Give that someone immediate access to every virtual account you have and let that person access your account anytime. I know this sounds cultish. It’s not. It’s your life. It’s your ministry. It’s your testimony, and frankly, right now the temptation to see things and read things and go places you would never normally is simply too great for you to resist on your own.

#2 Repent as Early and as Often as Possible

We all sin. We’re human. Our spirits are willing and our flesh weak. But if your goal is to keep your heart tender and obedient towards the Lord, get used to the repentant posture. On your knees. Flat on your face. Humbly contrite. And ask God to give you the heart to mean it.

#3 Stop Believing the Lie that You’re an Exception

There are no exceptions when it comes to God’s ways. You can be sure that sooner or later your sin will find you out. God will discipline you if you’re his child and continue in sin. This isn’t meant to shame you but to tell you the honest to God truth of our loving Fathers deep deep love for us that is unwilling to allow us to live in our sin.

#4 Figure out What’s Really Hurting you

What I’ve learned about being stuck in the rut of the forbidden is that my problem is usually deeper: it’s a matter of my heart. I might be lonely or hurt or feel like I’m stuck with no way out. I might be angry at God for my past or my perception of the present. The truth is that sex problems are never really just about sex, are they? God created us for more. He longs for us to be set free and His love will ensure that we will.

#5 Grace Grace and more Grace is Yours When you Need it

If you are already knee deep in a Duggar sized scandal, grace is yours. If you’re not yet caught but know that the repercussions will be huge, grace is yours. If you’ve fallen a million times before and still find yourself in the pit, grace is yours. Grace is unending undeserved favor. Grace is peace. And while God forbid we continue in sin that grace may abound, the truth is that grace reigns over your sin and mine.

I suppose you could add a #6: never ever no matter what agree to be on a reality TV show. That’s almost certainly going to cost you your soul.

The battle is real my friend. You’re not in it alone, but the victory is worth the fight.

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