Don’t you LOVE give aways?

I do – starting with Costco samples all the way to blog give aways.

This one is easy. All you have to do is:

Leave me a Comment on this post by Sunday at 5pm Central Time.
Share this post in any social media way you love: Insta, Twitter, FB, you name it.
And you enter to win a $25 Starbucks Gift card. I’ll announce winner on Monday.

Easy, right? I know. Told you so.

Here’s why I’m doing this:

I Want Everyone To Know About THE THRIVE CONFERENCE I’m hosting on October 10.

Here are some questions you might ask about the Thrive Conference:

  • When? October 10, a Saturday, from 9-12:30pm.

  • Where? Arlington Heights, IL. Easy flight in and out of O’hare if you live outside of Chicago.

  • Who? Singles of any age, men and women, and any marrieds who want to understand us better.

  • Why? Because we love Jesus and want to know Him even more. Because we all deeply long for more of Christ in our daily walk. Because we’re looking for answers for something in our lives. Because it’s fun!

  • How Much? Just $25 until September 25, then it goes up to $30.

  • Who else? Josh Caterer is leading us in worship! He’s a real rock star who loves Jesus.

  • What should I bring? Just a friend – or 10.

  • What should you expect? For God to show up.

  • Hmm. What else should I know? Can’t think of anything, but click here for more.

  • Where do I register? Click Right Here My Friend!

That’s it. Remember: Just leave me a comment (can be as simple as a good job lina, or the word Thrive). And Share this with your world!