End of the Year Vlog Update


Haven't you missed my video blogs?

I know you have.

So I made one especially for you.

You will want to watch it all the way to the end to get a glimpse of my amazing Christmas tree. Trust me.

And you're going to love hearing all God is doing at Living with Power Ministries.

We're thankful for all God has done in 2016:

- Thrive conference in Lebanon
- Released Arabic version of Thrive and Stripped
- Resolved released in US by Baker Books (wanna leave an Amazon review? Click here!)
- Medical Mission work with Syrian refugees off to a great start!
- New ministry intern Irina Schiau on board!
- Speaking ministry continues to grow
- Today's Single Christian now heard on 171 Moody Radio affiliates
- Weekly podcasts growing
- Weekly blogs back
- New and improved website with TONS of free resources for you!

But mostly, we're just thankful for you!