Election Day: an Invitation to Stand Strong no Matter What


Today is election day.

In an ironic twist of events I chose last night to watch the Leonardo DiCaprio doomsday documentary on how the world is going to end and why I'm to blame for it. Or at least partly so.

If only I could stop eating so much beef. Or use so many lightbulbs in my house.


The second twist of irony happened earlier in the day: I inadvertently sped up in my Bible reading plan and landed in Joshua 1: Moses is dead and a new era is about to begin.

How fitting.

The world indeed feels like it's ending and a new leader is emerging.

And while none of the candidates bear any resemblance to Joshua whatsoever, God has a way of using His word to still speak loudly to us about how we are to react to change:

So listen up.

Here are 3 key principles from Joshua 1 that we can't afford to forget as we begin a new era:

#1 No matter how scary it looks we must not be Afraid

At age 90 Joshua had been through a whole lot with the Lord. He of all people should have been brave. And I suppose he was...and then again he wasn't. Instead of berating him for his fear, God coaxed Joshua out of it instead. At least 5 times in 9 verses God reminded Joshua: don't be afraid. Be strong. Be courageous. Don't be dismayed. I am with you always.

#2 No matter how much we may want to, we must never Quit

The battle ahead will tax us and stretch us and at times we will wonder if we have what it takes to make it. We don't when you stop and think of it. But we have who it takes. We have the Spirit of God in us and the Son of God fighting for us. We have God's promises to hang on to and His kingdom to look forward to. So no matter how hard the battle gets, don't quit.

#3 No matter how easy it is, we must not Compromise

Do yourself a favor and commit Joshua 1:7-8 to memory. You will need it in days to come. The only way for God's people to be successful in this life is to be faithful to God's word. Do what He commands. Obey him even when it's not popular. Today many who claim to be Christians are choosing popular opinion over God's word. Don't compromise what God has said in order to be accepted by others. Live for the audience of one. Make it your resolve to know God's word and do it.

They say that no election has fractured the evangelical core like this one has.

Maybe it has.

Or maybe it's simply woken up those of us who truly love and follow Jesus.

I'm fully awake.

I'm resolved to stand strong and live what I say I believe.

Are you?

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