It’s that time of the year again: Valentine’s week.

This year, it’s even more special. Valentine’s day is on a Saturday.

For the next week I’ll be focusing the content of the blog on love, dating, singleness, marriage, and all things Valentine’s.

I can hear you all smirking in your seats. If only we had more than one week..

All right. Let’s start the week off with a bang. Let’s talk about 5 common misconceptions about love:

#1 Love is a feeling that never fades.

Anyone who has ever been in any kind of relationship can say amen. The truth is that love is much more than a feeling. Feelings fade but love is an intentional action that must be nurtured and given over and over again in order for it to keep on growing.

#2 Love is your right in this lifetime.

Do you believe that one of your inalienable rights is the right to fall in love? Sadly, that’s not true. Love is a gift that must be received. That love has been given to each of us through the perfect Son of God. He loves you so much He gave His life for you. That love is far bigger and better than any love you’ll encounter in this lifetime.

#3 Love can be measured by how great your sex life is.

One of the great american myths is the notion that your sex life is a great gauge of your love life. I’m a virgin and I can tell you that sex has nothing to do with love. Love is sacrificial. It’s steadfast. It’s patient and kind, and it endures forever. If you’re married, stop buying the notion that your marriage stinks because your sex life stinks. As you work on loving your spouse, the rest will follow. And if you’re single, just work on love and forget about the sex. God will meet you in the deepest places of your heart.

#4 Love can be faked.

You can’t fake love. You can try but it won’t last. Eventually the truth will come out. The reality is that most people can read between the lines of our actions and figure out our intentions anyway. So if you’re struggling to love someone, ask yourself why. Then ask the Lord to change your heart and help you see the face of God even in your most difficult relationships.

#5 Love is not the same if you’re not in Love.

Wrong! Being in love and loving someone are 2 completely different things. Being in love comes and goes but true love endures forever. And while many of us think of Valentines’ day as being a celebration for those who are “in love”, this year let’s expand the notion and celebrate love for one another even if we’re not “in love”.

So how can you love the people in your life this Valentine’s week?

Think of practical and personal ways to do it. You won’t regret it.

Hey, you might enjoy this teaching on God’s love I did from Luke 15. It’s called “No Sheep Left Behind”. It will encourage you to remember that God loves you no matter what!

Also, if you’re single, THRIVE LIVE is this Thursday Night! Sign up Here!