You know how it goes.

There are a million resources out there which makes it almost impossible to keep up with anything.

So I’m making it simple for you. I’ve made a list of just 5 things that I created just for you and that you’d be ridiculous not to take advantage of:

#1 The Free Weekly Podcast

Every week I do host a 20 min podcast about God and His word. My goal is to turn our minds from the stresses of our lives back to God! If you’ve never listened before, you should totally do it. You can access it on podbean or iTunes. Subscribing puts the new episode straight into your phone app each week. Next week I launch a series I’m calling “The One Thing” series where I bring one big idea into focus each week.

#2 The Thrive Conference

On October 10, I’m doing another Thrive Conference from 9:00-12:30 at the Metropolis in Arlington Heights. Why should you come? Because when we get together to worship God and study His word, He moves in our hearts! If you’re looking for breakthrough with the Lord put yourself in a place where it can happen. Register by clicking here!

#3 Today’s Single Christian

Did you know that I’m on the radio? I host a 1 minute segment on Moody Radio that’s going to be getting a fixed position at 1:27pm and 9:43 pm and gonna be picked up by 60 affiliates. That means that you might be hearing me in your neck of the woods! I’m updating the web page for this and will be posting some of the episodes at!

#4 TONS of Free Bible Study Resources

All my digital Bible studies are free. Every. Single. One. How can you not take advantage of this at some point in your small group life? Just click here or on the Bible study tab up on the menu page and check out what we’re offering! You’ll have like absolutely no excuse for not doing a Bible study this fall!

#5 The Mark Study

IF you live in Chicago and you are a woman, I am personally inviting you to come to the 12 week study of the gospel of Mark I’ll be hosting on Wednesday mornings at Willow Creek Church at 9:30am. There is child care available. Just put it in your calendars and be there! Registrations have been low and I’m getting a complex...Details here.

Ok. Monday is Labor Day so we’ll be skipping the blog then back with you next Wednesday. I hope you have a wonderful long weekend!