I know what you’re thinking: Lina is no expert on Valentine’s day.

While you might be right, I have given this considerable thought and all things considered, I might be onto something.

Here are the top 4 things every one wants to be told on Valentine’s Day:

#1 You are SO Beautiful

Have you ever watched this touching Dove campaign ad? It gives us a glimpse of the insecurities that so many women have. And while the ad is geared to women, I have a feeling that it’s a human thing. We’re all unsure whether we are enough. Tell someone this V day that he or she is beautiful. After all, we’re all created in the image of God. We are beautiful each and every one of us.

#2 I am SO Thankful you’re in my life

Whether you’re single or married, few things fill the heart like the notion that you’re noticed and appreciated and loved. Don’t hold back this kind of praise for the people God has placed in your life. Lavish God’s love on them as you remind them how much worth they bring to your life.

#3 God knows you SO well and loves you so much

It’s easy to get buried under the weight of shame. It’s easier to hide the truth about who we are then to risk getting hurt. That’s what makes God’s love so amazing: He doesn’t just love us. He knows us, every dirty little secret, and He still chose to take on flesh and die for our sin. He is still always for us, no matter what we’ve done or where we’ve been! Share this awesome good news with someone this V-day!

#4 This is SO not the end of the road for you

Hopelessness is the sense that nothing is going to change, that the best is behind us, and that we’ve used up all our chances. The awesome news of the gospel is that in Christ, the best is yet to come! If you’re not dead, God isn’t done with you yet! He has an amazing life still planned for you. Trust him with your future!

Hey, maybe you needed to hear this today: You are SO Beautiful! I am SO thankful you’re in my life! God knows you so well and He loves you so much! And by the way, this is SO not the end of your story! The best is yet to come!

So, what do you think? I so hit it out of the park with this one, didn’t I?

Got any more to add to my list? Go ahead, don’t be afraid! Leave a comment and wish me a Happy Valentine’s day! I can totally take it!