My new book Resolved comes out tomorrow. Here are 11 reasons you need to buy it now:

#1 It will pump up your faith in God and help you fall more in love with Jesus!

#2 It will help you zero in on a specific area in your life that you need to get stronger in and give you the tools to do it

#3 There’s this crazy story about my dog Madam Bailey the 3rd…

#4 It comes with a Free Awesome 10 Episode Free DVD Series. Click here to get it!

#5 It’s a great idea for a Summer Book Club with your Friends!

#6 It comes with a free Book Discussion Guide to use at your Summer Book Club! Click here to get it!

#7 It’s only $8.92 on Amazon right now!

#8 My mom will thank you for sparing her my daily “no one’s buying my book” song!

#9 You will want to give it to your friend who needs it when you’re done with it!

#10 It’s a great conversation opener to tell your friends about Jesus!

#11 It will make the name of Jesus even more famous in this world!

Find out lots more at Buy it on Amazon here.



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